From the desk of Chipo Tsitsi Mlambo

Hi guys and thank you for stopping by my blog.

These are personal musings of a 30 something Zimbabwean female and mother to a Queen who proudly calls Canada and Zimbabwe home.

I’m a strategy worker, working to increase knowledge around mitigating HIV/AIDS risk among African Diaspora communities in Windsor Ontario, writer, blogger, public speaker, amateur documentary maker. Too many labels I know, but in a nut shell, I’m passionate about everything that socially and economically empowers women and the girl child.

I have a lot to say and hopefully my words and subsequent actions will have an impact, a positive impact on the people around me and hopefully the world at large.

The blog is titled Teshe Diaries for a reason.  TESHE means TOGETHER in my native language Shona.  The idea is that as women we must work together, speak in a united voice and rally against all the negative societal norms and customs that oppress us.  It is only when we work TESHE / TOGETHER, can we achieve our goals. Bottom line is I refuse to keep quite on issues plaguing women and the girl child.

I live in Windsor Ontario and in my personal time I’m a busy bee in the background working on an exciting project which I will unveil soon.

While in Zimbabwe, I founded a female led organization, legally registered and operating called Teshe Young Women’s Movement Trust.  The organization was re-branded in 2012 but was formerly named Youth Talk Zimbabwe Trust.

The mandate of TESHE is to advocate for the SOCIAL and ECONOMIC Empowerment of  women and the girl child. Our focus has also been on Sexual health, HIV/AIDS and gender based violence.

I believe with every fiber of my being that if you empower a woman, you do truly empower a nation.  I vow to do my best till called to Glory to play a part in achieving this.

My mandate is not restricted by geographical borders, nationality, origin etc.  As women we need to stand up for each other, help one another!

TESHE  means TOGETHER in my language. TOGETHER, we can make a difference in each other’s lives.

(for my beautiful daughter NANDI and all the other princesses and queens)